Harnessing The Art Of Aerial Performance: Techniques To Fly On Stage

The art of flying in theatre is a skill not all actors possess, but one that can be mastered with focus and dedication. These impressive effects can be created from a dynamic aerial performance and are often breathtaking, adding an incredible visual element to the art of theatre. 

Below are some techniques used to fly in theatre and how you can use these to enhance your performance.

Bungee System

The bungee system is another unique technique used to fly in theatre. This method involves being suspended in the air using a bungee cord, giving you the freedom to move around the stage in various ways. This is often done with two performers, but two bungee cords can also fly a single performer.

The bungee system is incredibly versatile and allows the performers to move freely through the air in all directions. It also helps to make the performance look more dynamic, as performers can use the bungee cord to create playful and gravity-defying stunts.

Using the bungee system can be both thrilling and dangerous, so make sure you understand the safety techniques and know how to use them correctly. You should also be aware of your surroundings as you fly around the stage so you don't accidentally collide with any objects. 

Suspension Harness

The suspension harness technique involves suspending performers in the air using a system of ropes, curtains, and wires. This technique allows performers to safely reach heights and move around the stage while suspended by their harnesses. 

Generally, the harnesses consist of several components, including straps, carabiners, buckles, and sometimes protective padding that help keep the performer secure while suspended. The suspension harness technique is an effective way to enhance your performance. 

You can access multiple points of contact with the ceiling or scenery pieces and use a suspension harness to expand your range of motion for even greater impact during a show. This strategy adds more excitement and energy to your performance since you can move freely in the air and create visual interest for the audience.

When using a suspension harness for aerial performances, check your rigging setup before each show, maintain regular inspections of all equipment, and ensure that everyone understands how it works. You should also ensure that you have plenty of space above ground level so you don't risk hitting any objects during your flight routines.

With proper preparation and understanding, a suspension harness can be an extremely effective tool for creating unforgettable theatrical experiences. 

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