Tips For Creating News Videos For Social Media

Video is leading content consumption, especially with social media platforms monopolizing consumer time and focus. When you are launching a news platform of any kind, social media video content needs to be a priority. Gaining a foothold in the social media universe can help build brand recognition and identity, making your news platform a household name faster than ever before. Here are a few things to consider when you create news videos for social media consumption.

Focus On Brief Messages

Remember that social media video content should be brief. Users skim the platform and stop for brief videos, which means condensing your message into a minute or two of content at the most. The more efficient you can make your video message, the greater the chances that consumers will watch the entire thing.

Make An Engaging Start

If you don't capture a viewer's attention in the first few seconds of a video, you are not likely to keep them watching. News videos need to start with a hook, making the headline into something that not only garners attention but tells viewers why the video matters to them. Human interest stories and news that affect the community should begin with captivating images, questions that make the story relevant, and clear editing.

Choose Your Promotional Platforms

The hardest part of establishing sound news platforms on social media is understanding that different media platform users consume content differently. Some social media platforms have larger audiences for feel-good stories while other platforms have a larger base for short-burst news. Assess the user base for each platform, conduct some market research, and determine which types of news stories are best promoted on each one. That way, you can build social media strategies for your news channel that help reach each type of audience where they are most active.

Make It Personal

Remember that social media news videos require a different focal approach than television news videos. Television news is often filmed with some distance between the viewer and the subject, as though you're observing from behind the media line. With social media platforms, though, it's far more personal. Video content that thrives on social media platforms is personal with a full-camera focus as though the viewer is talking one-on-one with the subject in close conversation. Focus your interviews and news stories so that the viewer feels like a part of the story for the best success on social media.

News stories often go viral on social media platforms, turning news channels into household names. With these tips, you can create videos that are likely to become a success.

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