4 MetaZoo Wilderness Cards Inspired By Classic Monster Movies

The third series in the MetaZoo card game is known as "Wilderness" and features unique cards with original illustrations and designs. While a lot of the creatures on the cards are complete originals, you can find a lot of monster movie homages in a Wilderness MetaZoo set. 

Check out four of the cards that may look vaguely familiar and provide you with some unique details.

1. Green-Clawed Monster

One of the cards features the Green-Clawed Monster. The character design is a clear homage to Universal's Creature From the Black Lagoon. The scale designs, claws, and swampy home are all big clues to the design. The card itself features the power-up of "Drowning," an attack move seen in the movies. The card designer relied on a lot of details to really bring the homage to life and still integrate it smoothly into the MetaZoo collection.

2. Bigfoot

Bigfoot is one of the cards in the Wilderness booster box cards. The name of the card is a direct reference to the classic cryptid who has become a subject of countless documentaries and movies. The monster on the card lifts its foot up in a dramatic motion, much like the monster does in fictionalized versions.

The design of the monster is very similar to the real-life footage of Bigfoot known as the "Patterson-Gimlin film." The short movie claims to be one of the only recorded moments of Bigfoot ever captured and the clip has been used for decades in movies, television shows, and documentaries about Bigfoot.

The card itself features an attack known as the "Legendary Strike."

3. Mogollon Monster

One of the cards features a character that looks a little similar to Bigfoot but has more references to the classic movie monster King Kong. The monster stands on two legs, has ape-like features, and is very large. The beast lives in an area that looks similar to Kong's famous home on Skull Island. The "Pummel" attack showcases one of Kong's great attack moves.

4. Peninsula Python

The MetaZoo Wilderness set features many snake cards but the Peninsula Python most represents the monster movies. The giant water snake gives homage to movies like Anaconda. The movie features an adventure trip down a river where characters must encounter the huge reptile.

The MetaZoo card features a "Constrict" attack, which the Anaconda movie monster is known for. This card includes a lot of vivid details and a fierce look.

For more information about a sealed booster box Wilderness 1st edition MetaZoo, contact a local game shop. 

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