Game Apps As Both Fun And Self-Development Tools

Phone game apps are often seen as a way to waste time or get hooked on using your phone for everything. While this may be true for a few people, many more people, including kids, use phone games to build skills and take breaks. Face it — smartphones hold so much that it's very convenient to treat them as essential tools, and that also goes for finding ways to develop the self. While video games may seem like something that just wastes time, they can be a handy way to keep kids interested in something while still learning. Even better, a lot of these games are in the form of adventures that ultimately have more than just game points as the goal.

Games and Puzzles Don't Have to Be "Active" to Be Adventures

Mobile games don't always have to be about car chases and gunfire, nor do they have to be puzzles that don't let the user think about taking various actions other than clicking on a fake gem or block. Many involve taking characters on adventures, and these games can be everything from fast-paced to slow and contemplative. If you want to find one of these for your kids, look at what the goal of the game is and what activities are highlighted in the game description. It may be more interesting for the kids if the characters they play can "travel" in the game, but don't discount games where the players have to answer trivia questions or send other characters off on adventures.  

Some Focus Directly on Morals and Lessons

Some games are more lesson-oriented than others. An adventure game that focuses on a group of characters working together to complete a goal will likely have moral lessons built into the storyline, with conflicts between characters as part of the adventure. Sometimes these lessons can be too "in your face," which might not be interesting to older kids. However, younger kids who are just learning about dealing with other humans may benefit.

Helping Reflexes and Focus Through Gaming

One of the great things about video games throughout the years has been their ability to help kids develop reflexes. It might not seem like much, but the quick thinking and quick clicking of keyboards and trackpad buttons really does help kids get used to making faster decisions while focusing on a goal. Adventure games can be great for this as players can become invested in completing a particular trek or quest.

Many game apps are free or have free versions, so you can download a few and see how your kids like them. Keep trying, and keep looking for new games to give them when they get through the first ones you gave them. 

To learn more, check out a resource like The Guardians of Peace.

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