4 Different Types Of Aerial Fireworks

When most people talk about fireworks, they are talking about the kind that go high up in the sky. The fireworks that go high up in the sky are aerial fireworks. There are many different types of aerial fireworks. If you want to create a big display up in the sky, you need to understand the different types of aerial fireworks that are available to you.

Aerial Firework Type #1: Parachutes

A parachute aerial firework is contained inside of a single tube. Inside of that tube is usually multiple shells. Attached to the shells are an army man toy or a weight. When you shoot this firework up in the air, it will leave behind a trail of smoke, or it will have a strobe trail, depending on the type of parachute you purchase.

These fireworks are fun because there is something for you to catch or find as the toy falls down to the ground. Generally, a little tiny parachute on the toy will deploy, hence the name. These are easy to get as wholesale fireworks, though some companies sell the bigger ones wholesale as well.

Aerial Firework Type #2: Repeaters

There are 200-gram repeaters and 500-gram repeaters. Repeaters are also sometimes called cakes. A repeater has multiple tubes within the same firework, so when you light one fuse, the other tubes are then lit in quickly after the first one goes off. This allows for multiple fireworks to come out of one device relatively easily. The colors and effects from each tube generally vary.

500-gram repeaters are some of the biggest fireworks you can buy, and they are loud when they go off, and they produce a really large display in the sky. 200-gram repeaters are not as loud, and the fireworks generally don't go as high in the sky, but the effects can be just as beautiful.

Aerial Firework Type #3: Mortar Kits

Mortar kits are a little different than the two types of aerial fireworks described above because you have to put them together. With a mortar kit, you get a lunching tube that is attached to a base. You have to put the base on level ground.

Then, you have to load the firework shells into the base. As you load the firework shells yourself, you can make some unique firework combinations. As there are multiple shells in one tube, when you fire off a mortar kit, you will get multiple different colors and effects all at the same time.

Aerial Firework Type #4: Finale Racks

A finale rack is a larger motor firework kit. A finale rack has multiple motor tubes inside of the pack. Each tube has a variety of different colors and effects, allowing for a really stunning display when all of the tubes are lit with a finale rack, you can generally light one fuse, and each tube will be set off in order, creating a great ending for your show. 

When it comes to putting on a great firework show, you are going to want to invest in aerial fireworks. Aerial fireworks look really amazing and can take your show to the next level. The key is to get the right combination of colors and effects in order to create a dazzling show.

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