Event A/V Teams Can Improve Guest-Of-Honor Interview Streams

Fans enjoy hearing beloved celebrities speak. That is one reason why fan conventions are so popular. Listening to stories told by a legendary television or film actor provides much enjoyment for the people in attendance. And there's no reason to limit attendance to persons physically present at the convention site. Broadcast streaming at live events can open the doors for audiences around the globe to listen to entertaining tales. Promoters must realize that the streaming must look as professional as possible. The streamed event creates an impression about the guest of honor, the convention, and the promoter. Therefore, hiring a top live events audio/video crew becomes necessary.

Treating It Like A TV Event

Hosts and guests usually look great on television for a reason. The behind-the-scenes crew works at making sure everyone looks their best. Hairstylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe pros contribute their talents. Promoters streaming live shows should have their professionals on hand. And promoters should get additional assistance from their audio-video crew. The live A/V event team also plays a role in making the speaking engagement come off as something special. The presentation of the speaker and the interviewer contributes to the specialness of the event. Ways the A/V team could make things look visually awesome include:

  • Devising the Chair Setup: Consider the on-stage seating arrangements among the "small touches" that count for a lot. Positioning the guest speaker and an interviewer is an art form. Carefully choosing the angles of the chairs factors into how things look on video. A great visual dynamic, one supported by the guest and interviewer's interplay, may come forth.
  • Choosing Reaction Shots: A 45-minute interview presented solely in longshot would come off as incredibly dull. What you get is a podcast with accompanying images. The video potential becomes lost. To make the video engaging, the A/V crew can change up the shots. Equally helpful, a director could choose reaction shots. A close-up of the guest reacting to a question while the interviewer asks it might offer some intriguing visuals.
  • Scripting Segments: Yes, interviews may come with pre-scripted questions. An A/V production staff could, if necessary, write or rewrite some questions. Doing so might add further elements of professionalism to the mix, such as keeping the interview on-topic and engaging.

The A/V crew could weave in other elements such as effects, graphics, and more. The ultimate goal is to move things away from a "talking heads" look and enthrall viewers. The viewers can't all be there live, but they can fully enjoy the interview.

Reach out to an event AV support team to learn more.

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