Go "Totally Awesome 80s" Retro With Classic Video Game Soundtracks

The saying that you "shouldn't live in the past" isn't always great advice. All those retro 80s nights at local clubs provide festive fun for people turning back the clock. Even when throwing a party at your home to celebrate something, playing to the Gen X age of the partygoers by offering retro 80s sounds can liven things up. There are literally hundreds of popular songs from the 1980s to spin on a turntable. The Billboard Top 200 can be a great place to review some old-time favorites. Have you noticed the novelty song Pac-Man Fever hit high on the charts in the early 1980s? And did you know that scores of classic video game soundtracks saw a release on vinyl? Maybe the soundtracks would be "totally awesome" choices for people who want to relive the sounds of the 1980s pop culture.

The Rise of 1980s Video Game Soundtracks

In the mid-1980s, video game soundtracks proved surprisingly popular in Japan. The soundtracks included releases of the music from Pac-ManDig-Dug, and other arcade favorites. Eventually, the old moved aside for the new. For years, people put those once memorable sounds deep into the back of their minds, and now, retro releases of classic game soundtracks allow long-time fans to remember and re-experience them. Why not re-experience the original, extended versions of the soundtracks that used to play throughout arcades?

"I Remember That Sound!" Selections

Playing old songs from the 1980s can help, but sometimes people may tune out. Popular oldie classics appear on streaming sites and elsewhere. Many songs that were a hit during the 1980s never even disappeared from airwaves. The classic sounds of all video games, however, aren't so readily available. When people hear an old arcade collection, their ears may perk up. Arcade music might captivate attention.

Getting into the Retro Mood

Parties and other festive events are supposed to be upbeat and enjoyable. Music helps get people into the right mindset. And yes, there is a laugh factor associated with playing the old theme from Popeye or Space Invaders. Parties and other lighthearted get-togethers are about having fun. Making people smile or laugh contribute to the cause. While old-school video game themes won't be the centerpiece of the night's musical arrangements, the odd tunes can play a part. That part may involve bringing smiles to people's faces.

Music adds something special to festive events. And old-time video game and arcade music does come off as special. Why not check out what's available on retro vinyl? For more information on a video game soundtrack on vinyl, contact a seller.

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