3 Tips To Have The Best Experience At An Escape Room

If you have never been to an escape room before, you may be curious enough that you want to make a reservation to visit one in the near future. However, while going to one without doing any planning in advance will likely lead to an enjoyable time, you may want to maximize the chance of having an incredible experience for your first time with this exciting activity.


When you are not familiar with escape rooms, you may not be sure whether you should dress up or go casual. While casual can work well in an escape room, you should consider prioritizing comfort in every way. With some escape rooms, you may be moving around a lot and even going through narrow corridors or holes to solve puzzles. You will find it more enjoyable to maneuver around with ease as opposed to feeling restricted based on what you are wearing alone.


While looking at escape rooms, you will find that a lot of them have varying degrees of difficulty. This can help you decide on one because you may like the idea of succeeding easily, or you may prefer an extreme challenge in which you will have a tough time solving the puzzles and escaping.

Either way, you will benefit from getting a full night's sleep because this will maximize the chance that you are feeling alert and ready to solve puzzles once you get to the escape room. If you plan on visiting an escape room in the evening and you know that your brain can get a bit foggy around this time, you may want to take a nap or drink a cup of coffee before going to your destination.


When you plan a trip to an escape room, you can go without anyone and enjoy the entire experience with strangers. After looking at escape rooms, you will find that most of them involve anywhere from 6 to 12 players who you will be working with to try and solve puzzles.

If you have close family and friends that you spend time with often, you may want to invite them along because it can make for a better experience. It can also increase your chance of solving the puzzles since you may know how to communicate and work well together.

Following these tips will help you have an amazing first time at an escape room experience.

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