How Waitressing Can Prepare You For A Career As An Actress

It may be a bit of a cliche that those who dream of becoming actresses work as waitresses until they get their big break, but the reality is that many people do indeed work in this field as they work toward a career in acting. If you have your mind set on becoming an actress and you currently find yourself working as a waitress, you should always be looking for opportunities to take acting classes that will help you to move closer to your goal. Even if you have yet to take an acting class, you may find that your waitressing day job can help to prepare you for acting. Here's how.

Making Good First Impressions

When you arrive at an acting class, you want to make a positive first impression. Doing so may compel the teacher to give you extra assistance, perhaps by staying after class and working one on one with you. Learning how to make a good first impression is also integral once you begin going to auditions. Fortunately, you already have some experience in creating positive first impressions, thanks to your work as a waitress. Use the opportunity of greeting each new table as a way to practice creating a positive first impression.

Acting Regardless Of How You Feel

When you begin to work as an actress, there may be days that you aren't feeling up to the task. For example, you might occasionally be ill or tired, but have to put on a brave face and get through the day. Doing so can separate you from those who struggle to act if they don't feel up to it, and this can help you to build a good reputation in the local acting community. You likely have experience in this manner from working as a waitress. There may be plenty of days in which you're tired or fed up, but you can practice acting like a chipper, friendly server to make the dining experience pleasant for your customers.

Behaving Differently

It's possible that you've served tables in different establishments, and this may have compelled you to behave in a different manner with your clientele. For example, a waitress in a rowdy sports bar will interact with her customers differently than one in an upscale bistro. This diverse experience essentially means that you've played different roles, which will be another thing that will help you when you begin to take your acting classes. 

Contact an acting school, like society performers, for more help.

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