Creative Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal showers are a great wedding tradition where friends and family members of a bride-to-be shower her with gifts. If you're attending a bridal shower in the near future, you can stick to traditional gifts, such as glassware or towels, or you can opt to be a little bit more creative. When you want your gift to stand out, take the time to think of something thoughtful that you're sure the bride will enjoy. With a little bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, it won't be difficult to come up with a memorable gift that the bride-to-be will remember for a long time. Some creative bridal shower gifts include:

Honeymoon Basket

If you know where the bride and groom will be going for their honeymoon, you may want to gift a basket of items that can be used on their honeymoon. A beach honeymoon gift basket may include sunscreen, a beautiful sarong, flip flops, a popular beach read, and a gift card that can be used at their honeymoon destination. A thoughtful honeymoon basket is both useful and very memorable.

Marriage Survival Kit

A marriage survival kit is a great choice if the bride to be has a good sense of humor. Marriage survival kits are filled with small items that have cute puns attached. You can opt to purchase a premade marriage survival kit, as there are a number of retailers that offer these unique gifts. You may also choose to put together your own marriage survival kit for the bride-to-be. You can look online for inspiration, but some ideas include a beautiful candle with a note attached saying "For a bright future together". You can also add something like a nice lip gloss with a note that says "Always kiss and make up". There are many ideas, so you can fill up a whole gift bag with different items to create the marriage survival kit.

Beautiful Robe or Luxurious Pajamas

A beautiful robe or luxurious pajamas are things that all brides-to-be are sure to love. You may want to focus on finding a robe or a pair of pajamas that the bride can wear the night before the wedding or while getting ready for the wedding. The good thing about gifting a robe or a pair of pajamas is the fact that unlike lingerie, the bride-to-be won't be embarrassed opening these gifts in front of her family members. 

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