Choose A Waterfront Wedding And Reception Venue

If a waterfront wedding has always been at the forefront of your mind and you envision spending your reception in a venue that boasts plenty of natural light, access to the water, and amenities that will be pleasing to you, your spouse, and your guests, you have quite a bit of deciding to do before the big day. Your wedding ceremony and reception are going to be life-changing moments in your life, so why not make sure that they are as perfect as possible?

Choose The Body Of Water And Venue Type

Fresh or saltwater are both great options and either one will provide an alluring backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Select an outdoor area that is situated on a wedding venue's property. This may include a pier restaurant, private club, yacht, or rental hall.

Think about what you want the location to symbolize. Are you looking for a magical spot that exudes romanticism and intrigue or are you more into glitz and glamour and would like to play up your wedding day with fancy lights, elaborate furnishings, and colorful flowers? Your decision can help you choose if you would like to hold your wedding at a modest location or at one that is more elaborate and that boasts prestige and originality.

The number of guests that you choose to invite will also be of importance. Some wedding venues have strict guidelines concerning how many guests can fill the space, so there is no use booking a reservation at a small marina restaurant if you aren't going to have enough space for your guests to enjoy themselves.

Your first step is to choose the body of water that you would like to integrate into your ceremony. Then you can select wedding venues within the area and contact the owner of each one to make sure that they can accommodate you and your guests.

Secure The Amenities You Desire

An assigned seating area, floral displays, open bar, catered meal, fine linens, fancy table settings, and music are all important details that will help your wedding ceremony and reception be beautiful and accommodating.

If you are willing to handle some of the details on your own or if you have chosen to hire a private business to assist with some of the details, then you don't need to be concerned if the wedding and reception venue doesn't offer the features in question.

But, if you are looking for an all-inclusive package, then request an overview of the amenities that are offered and a breakdown of the charges that you will incur so that you can select the waterfront venue that will be the best deal and that will offer you and your guests what you have in mind. 

For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Rainbow Gardens.

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