Tips For Getting Ready To Sell Your Comics At A Comic Book Show

If you collected comic books for a period of time but you seldom look at them and you could use some extra money, one of the best things that you can do is to box them up and reserve a sellers' table at a local comic book show. Your presence at this event will give you the ability to meet with other comic book enthusiasts, and hopefully head home after the event's completion with money in your pocket. Successfully selling your comics depends partly on your ability to get properly prepared in advance. Here are some tips that you should employ.

Know What You Have

It might sound simple, but you should be able to properly identify every comic book that you own. This doesn't mean simply identifying that it's a Superman book or an Avengers book — anyone can tell that from looking at the cover. Instead, you need to know the specific run to which each book belongs, as well as when it was published. Sometimes, this information is evident; other times, it's not as clear. When you know what books you have, you'll be able to look up their value online and price them fairly.

Group Them Properly

At a comic book show, there might be dozens of vendors and perhaps hundreds of people shopping. Collectors will gather around the tables of vendors who have their comic books organized properly. Beyond the obvious idea of bagging them and placing them in boxes, you need to make organization a priority. There are different approaches that you can take. One is to group unread books together and books that you've read together; some collectors favor only unread books due to their mint condition. You should also put books from the same runs together and place them in chronological order.

Have A Pricing Goal

It pays to think in advance about the value of each of your comics and what you'll accept for them. Remember, there are other vendors around you, so aggressively pricing your books may keep people from making purchases. Price your books based on their current market value, but understand that people will often make you offers. For example, if you have a book listed at $25, someone may offer you $20. For each comic, you should decide in advance — and write it down, if necessary — what you'll accept. For the $25 book, maybe you won't take $20, but perhaps you'd take $22.

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