5 Necessities For Your Indie Film Project

Your independent--or indie--film may be the culmination of a lifetime of creative work. Getting the film done with a tight budget can lead you to make some sacrifices, but other than the camera and talent, you'll need this vital film equipment.


Power is not always easy to come by if you're attempting creative locations and settings. Your forest scene, for example, is unlikely to work if there's nowhere to power the camera, lights or laptops brought along for your own monitoring of the scene. Your hair and makeup stylists are unlikely to be happy if they can't power up their equipment; having a power source for microwaves or toaster ovens to find the crew and cast would also be nice. Luckily, you can just use film set generators.

You don't have to purchase multiple generators; a movie generator rental is an affordable way to use generators on set only as needed. By renting generators, you'll have more freedom when selecting locations and setups since those choices won't revolve around electrical outlets.


Whether you use small lavalier microphones underneath the tops of every actor or invest in larger booms which can be out of sight, microphones are essential. You'll need to hear actors emoting and you'll need to be able to capture that sound so it can be edited as needed later. Rentals are possible.

3-Scissor Lifts

You and your director of photography may be struggling with how to best stage chase scenes and concert or dream sequences. You may need an overhead perspective. Renting scissor lifts can give this to you. Just remember to block time for training camera operators so they are comfortable with being lifted on the lift platform. Ensure harnesses and helmets are on set.

4-Lighting Kit

A three-piece set for lighting shadows, faces and the environment is vital if you want a professional-looking film. Study lighting arrangements and rent additional pole lighting as required for your shots.

You will also require sandbags to protect the lighting being used. Once you've erected a light on a tripod, weighing the tripod down with a sandbag will prevent the pole from falling over and smashing the light.


Covering equipment when it's not being used could protect it. Get more tarps than you're thinking are necessary, as they can be used on the ground as well to mount different equipment without damage.

Your indie film's success depends on your creativity, but it also depends on how good you can make it look and sound. The equipment above should support your movie and give it a professional air. Talk to a rental firm, like SAS Rentals, for more help.

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