Change How You Mic Up An Amplifier To Change The Sound

For a guitar player who will be recording in a studio space rental, one of the biggest challenges to overcome is getting your instrument to sound right. This isn't just about having the right guitar and amplifier — because you also need to "mic" up your amp by placing a microphone in front of it, this task is integral to helping you achieve the tone that you're looking for. This task isn't just a matter of mounting a microphone in front of your amp's speaker. Instead, you should take a careful approach to this task so that you'll get favorable results. You'll want to get busy trying different things as soon as you get set up in the recording studio so that when the recording begins, you're sounding how you want. Here are some techniques that you can try.

Adjust the Distance

There's no magic formula about how close the microphone should be to the cloth that covers the front of your amplifier. Some players prefer the mic to almost be touching, while others favor having it back several inches. You'll need to experiment with both positions to get the sound that you want. Start by having the mic close to the speaker, and then adjust it backward to notice the change in sound. The bigger gap between the speaker and the microphone, the more ambient sound in the room the latter will pick up. Some players like this, while others do not.

Move the Mic Around

You might be surprised to know that the tone you achieve in the recording process is also affected by where in front of the amplifier you place the microphone. Some players like to have the microphone placed in the dead center of the speaker cone, while others find that they prefer the sound if the mic is closer to the edge of the speaker. Players who are finicky about their tone may even find that they prefer having the mic on the left or the right edge, even though the speaker is circular and you might not think there would a difference.

Change Your Microphones

Most recording studios are equipped with several different styles of microphones, so it's a good idea to try different gear if you're unsatisfied with the current sound that you're getting. It's not just a matter of opting for a more expensive microphone; sometimes, different styles of mics can dramatically change the sound that you get in the recording, which can help you to reach your desired sound.

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