Unique Wedding Reception Venues

If you and your fiance want to celebrate your wedding day in a place that reflects your personality, consider reserving a creative venue. While most traditional venues, such as reception halls or country clubs, offer an adequate celebration space, they may not have the personalized touch you're looking for.

When picking your ideal wedding reception location, use the place that you and your spouse-to-be met or any shared hobbies, interests and passions as inspiration. If you're not sure if a favorite destination offers event space, don't be afraid to reach out to them and ask. Sometimes even the most unconventional spots have onsite special event  coordinator.

Here are some unique wedding reception venue ideas to get you started:

1. A Park

If you and your fiance are nature lovers, or you want to hold your reception at the proposal location, consider a city, state or national park. Ideas include Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks or the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park for a tropical setting.

Since the parks are public spaces, you'll most likely need to obtain a permit before your big day, and there may be noise restrictions. Also, you'll need to inquire whether event tents are allowed onsite in the case of inclement weather. 

Once you're settled on the perfect park location, choose a time of year that complements it. For instance, avoid holding your wedding during an area's rainy season, or during the winter if the park is in a northern climate.

2. A Theater

For couples who love movies or are passionate about the performing arts, a theater may be a meaningful spot to hold a wedding reception. Some options include a local theater that screens independent or classic films for an intimate feel, or a roomy amphitheater to accommodate a large crowd. 

Consider whether the venue has outdoor space, such as a charming courtyard, or if it has a liquor license if you plan on serving adult beverages. A theater venue is also a great space for live music, such as a band or DJ, and you may be allowed to dance on the stage.

3. A Stadium

For sports-loving couples, there's no better place for celebrating your love than in a stadium, especially if it's where you had your first date. Most stadiums have onsite event planners and caterers, which will make reception planning easy.

Another perk of stadium receptions is that guests will feel comfortable in casual attire, and there's plenty of room for mixing, mingling and dancing. 

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