Fun Ways To Increase The Challenge Of Your Next Mini Golf Game

The ease with which you complete a round of mini golf depends not only on the difficulty of the course but also on your aptitude with a putter. If you're a skilled golfer who is playing mini golf for fun, it's possible that your round of play might come easily for you. Instead of risking getting bored with the lack of challenge, you can increase the challenge of your game in a number of ways. Here are some ideas that will add new interest to your next mini golf game.

Change Your Stance

A fun way to enhance the challenge when you play mini golf is to change your putting stance. For example, if you stand with the left side of your body facing your target, do a quick 180 and stand with your right side facing the hole. This posture will completely change your approach to swinging your club and making contact with the ball, which means that what might have formerly been an easy hole in one can now take three or four shots. There's an added bonus of making this change. It will yield lots of laughs from you and your group.

Partner With A Less-Skilled Golfer

It's customary for each person in a group of mini golfers to keep track of his or her score, but partnering up can be a fun way to increase the challenge of your game. For example, if you're golfing in a group of four people with two skilled golfers and two novices, divide the group so that the skilled players are with the beginners. Then, instead of playing with four balls, play with two. The novice partner hits, and then the skilled partner hits that ball where it ended up. This back-and-forth pattern can not only add some challenges but also provide a sense of teamwork.

Don't Allow Ricochets

A ricochet can be your best friend during a round of mini golf — hit the ball off an angled wall, and you'll often watch the ball roll toward the hole. The game instantly becomes harder, however, if you outlaw ricochets. This rule means that your ball can't make contact with any of the walls or obstacles, which will prompt you to play each shot very strategically to avoid making contact and receiving a self-imposed penalty stroke. The greens of full-sized golf courses, of course, don't have any obstacles on them, so you'll need to adopt the skills you've learned putting on large greens and apply them to your game of mini golf.

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