7 Tips For Enjoying An Escape Game

Escape games are an increasingly popular pastime. The amount of time that you and your crew must complete all the puzzles in the room can vary, but you must finish within the time allotted or lose the game. To help you and your friends be successful, here are some tips on playing the game:

  1. Bring a watch. It is unlikely that you will be able to bring anything into the escape room to aid in solving the puzzles, but you can take along a watch. The watch will help you and your crew keep track of how much time is remaining before the game is lost.
  2. Avoid using force. The various pieces that are used to create the puzzles must be handled with care. Doing such things as forcing doors open, can not only ruin the game, but also lead to costly damage.
  3. Try to have fun. Negative energy can have an impact on how well you and your crew play. If everyone is not committed to the game and having fun, negativity can overtake everyone and it will be more challenging to think through the puzzles.
  4. Communicate with each other. One of the biggest mistakes that your crew can make is trying to work through the puzzles alone. If everyone is willing to communicate in an open and respectful manner, you can work together to win.
  5. Search everywhere for clues. Some teams lose out by only looking for the obvious clues. When you and your crew are first locked in the room, take the time to explore the room. The more familiar everyone is with the room, the easier it will be to solve puzzles.
  6. Do not hesitate to ask for hints. Asking for a hint might seem like a last-minute strategy, but if you and your crew are stuck in the beginning, asking for a clue at that point makes sense. The time spent trying to solve those clues can be used to further advance in the game.
  7. Think like a writer. Remember, the escape room is almost like a story brought to life. When you and your crew are having trouble with deciphering puzzles, think about it in a narrative fashion. Try to think of what would make sense if the game play was written in a book.

The game administrators will provide you and your crew with instructions at the beginning. Listen carefully, follow the rules, and most importantly, have fun.

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