5 Tips You Need To Know When Renting Tables And Chairs For An Expo

In spite of the prevalence of digital marketing, trade shows and face-to-face marketing experiences are still popular, and in fact, exhibitors spend approximately $24 billion annually on trade shows and displays. If you are putting together a trade show or an expo, you have to do a lot of work to attract some of that money toward you.

That involves renting a venue, marketing, and taking care of countless small details such as renting tables and chairs. When it comes to renting tables and chairs for your expo, here's what you need to know.

1. Look for a Company That Offers Other Essentials

In most cases, you need more than just tables and chairs for your expo. To make the process as easy as possible, you may want to look for a company that can meet multiple needs. In particular, you may want to work with a rental company that offers pipe and drape, stanchions or other devices for crowd management, and possibly even portable ticket booths.

Check out prospective companies' websites or catalogs to see what they have or talk directly with a rep about what's available.

2. Book Extra Tables

When you're setting up an expo, you need at least one table for every booth that you have sold. Some exhibitors, however, may want two or more tables in their booths. You may want to offer that on your sign up form—if you charge exhibitors for the extra table, make sure to charge them a bit more than the rental company charges you.

Also, remember to book a table for your ticket booth if needed. Consider putting a booth near your event stage. That can be ideal for presenters to display books, brochures or other items for attendees to pick up during the presentation. Finally, you may want a few tables sprinkled around the event for attendees to rest and look over marketing materials they have picked up from your exhibitors.

3. Remember the Chairs

Ideally, you should offer two chairs with every booth that you sell to exhibitors. Again, you can let exhibitors opt for extra chairs in exchange for a small fee. If you plan to have presentations, you need chairs for in front of the stage. To be on the safe side, you should book more chairs than you need so that you have extras if you need them.

4. Always Rent Table Cloths

Folding tables and chairs can look pretty sparse without tablecloths. The overall look of your event can have a huge impact on how attendees perceive the event, and if attendees aren't impressed, they may not engage with the exhibitors. If the exhibitors don't make sales or get quality leads, they may not book their booths next year. That hurts you.

Tablecloths may seem like a small thing, but not having them can set off a chain reaction that ultimately ruins the event. If you ultimately decide to take the risk and not rent tablecloths, make sure the exhibitors know that you won't be providing them so they bring stuff to decorate their own booths.

5. Coordinate Drop Offs With the Facility

In most cases, when you put on an expo, you have to rent the event venue as well as items such as tables and chairs. To ensure everything goes smoothly, you need to coordinate equipment drop offs so they work with both companies. You may want to have the table and chair company drop off the tables and chairs when you are there, but if that's not possible, you need a rep from both companies who can commit to being there at the right time.    

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