How To Unify Your Work Team

Whether you own your own business or whether you are head of a department in your company, you know that feeling united makes for a better work space. Usually, that means better success for your business. Here are some ideas that can help you to succeed in unifying those in your employment.

Giver Personal Attention - Just hearing one's own name often makes a big difference in their attitudes and in their personal work ethic.

  • Although it may seem obvious, sometimes you may be forgetting to actually call your workers by name as you pass them in the hallway or anywhere else.
  • Sure it's easy to text and to email your workers, and it's good to keep doing that. However, sending hand written notes will be a different approach to acknowledging good work.
  • Make opportunities to praise individual workers in front of their peers. Whether it be in the lunch room or in a formal meeting, acknowledge even small accomplishments.
  • Know your worker's families. Congratulate them when special things happen in their lives. For example, if one of your workers has a new grandchild, make a big deal out of that.

Build The Team - Think of ways that your team can accomplish things together. Include workers in your plans, as they may have excellent ideas.

  • Put dates on an actual calendar that indicate when corporate events will be held. Make sure all your workers have a copy of your plan.
  • Be original in your planning. For example, hire a business such as Bates Motel Escape Rooms to create an escape room that your workers will need to leave by working together.
  • Think of using your actual place of building for the escape room experience. Those that plan it will know just how to manipulate furniture and other obstacles to make them part of the escape.
  • Another idea to build your team is to have events at your own home. Think of inviting your workers and their families to a backyard barbecue or to a movie night complete with pop corn and sodas.

Whenever possible, send out memos asking your team for suggestions for future activities. Tell them that you welcome all suggestions and concerns. Also, let them know that they can add their name on the paper, but that it can also be omitted. If your workers feel more comfortable expressing themselves anonymously, don't feel threatened by that. After all, your team building events will bring more trust to the plate.

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